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Cristian D. BlendeaIn the beginning

you will be regarded as rowdy, crazy and dangerous (or at best, awkward, eccentric, odd). You get mocked, ridiculed, threatened and marginalized. Everyone sees just a poor utopian human being, a loser.

Ten years later, other people start looking closer at your work, they see the point with it and come to similar conclusions. The stream of opinion is build up and the work is taken seriously as any other accepted theory. You just became a promising and respected researcher .

Twenty years later, the theory has become generally accepted as being confirmed by reality, your work and your ideas are regarded as the norm, people are teaching according to your principles. Briefly, you became an authority, a classic, a guru.

Last but not least, thirty years later, you are declared an icon and considered your generationís greatest visionary. You are proposed to the Nobel Prize. If you succeeded to survive your own life...

Well, this is a fairy tale like scenario. In reality, for 99,99% of all of us, the ideas are stolen by your best friend or your relatives, your teacher or your disciple, your business partner or your nemesis, your coworker or your boss, your own lawyer or the association representing your rights, your work is plagiarized and people make a fortune by selling it as their own.

Not to mention that in fact, nobody invents nothing, nobody owns a thing, all the ideas already exists and are coming from above... Any problems with that?

Anyway, we all are part of a perfect, infinite, endless process of creation and evolution that is called life, what a wonderful gift, letís celebrate it! This site shows my path, from Entertainment through Education to Enlightenment. Enjoy!

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